Academic Research
Research Projects

In innovation and strategic human resource management research direction, we now have four in the research project as a support: (1) the YangJie presided over national soft science project: the independent innovation based on the innovation of the construction efficiency chain "(project number: 2008 GXQ6D162; matching funds: 15000 yuan); (2) YangJie hosted by national natural science fund project: the human resources management measures of knowledge workers organization identity and professional identity of the influence mechanism "(project number: 70962001; funds: 250000 yuan); (3) Edward McDonough III ENHANCE fund hosted project: Ambidextrous Innovation Study (funds: $10000); (4) Jolanda Jetton participate in host (second) of The ESRC fund projects: "The individual in The group: Social identity and The dynamics of change" (funds: 1328776.90 pounds).

In recent years has made the research results, and research direction is some of the important "study around 7, it is respectively: (1) YangJie, hosted by the world bank LiaoJinQiu stage 4 technical assistance projects: the anhui implementation of the development strategy of the east to talents" (funds: $13000); (2) YangJie presided over the personnel development fund of anhui province project: the WTO times after anhui talent strategy research "(funds: 100000 yuan); (3) YangJie participate in host (third)-GRC PDI project: "Chinese knowledge workers management research" (funds: $41000); (4) Edward McDonough III northeast university hosted fund projects: the global innovation management research (funds: $175000); (4) Jolanda Jetton quarterbacked The ESRC fund project "Enhancing individual excellence in cohesive teams: A study of high performance sports teams" (funds: $60180), and "The The moderating role of group identification in common in group contexts" (funds: $70000), and The group identification as A strategy to cope with identity change "(funds: £ 186000)