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The Research Center for Innovation and Strategic Human Resource Management (RC-ISHRM)is a research institute jointly initiated and established by  Institute for Global Innovation Management (IGIM for short), Northeastern University (NU for short) and School of Business Administration (SBA for short), Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (JUFE for short)....

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Center Member
Jinqiu Liao
Jurgen Deller
Wenquan Ling
Xu Huang
Yuchen Hu
Liluo Fang
Jolanda Jetten
Gabrielr Giorgi
Jie Yang
Xiaobin Xiong
Chongwei Wang
Xinyan Wang
Xiaoan Mei
Fucai Lu
Edward F. McDonough III
Hannah-Hanh D. Nguyen
Hannes Zacher
Winnifred R. Louis